10 Gemstones Used in Celtic Jewelry

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Celtic Crystal Design – Popularity on the Rise

While Celtic gemstone jewelry has always been popular, its popularity has been on the rise in recent years. This might be because of its unique combination of gemstones and metals, its beautifully crafted designs, or because people enjoy discovering its hidden meanings. It seems as though every time you acquire Celtic accessories, you are getting a piece of history through unique storytelling. This sets all Celtic jewels and gemstones apart from many others that you can find in the market today.

Unique Allure and Symbolism of Celtic Gemstones

Regardless of the stone they bear, Celtic jewelry pieces have deep meanings associated with a rich tapestry of traditions and mysticism. Celtic jewels eloquently illustrate profound feelings like love, friendship, passion, and loyalty, displayed in several layers of significance. Yet, when it comes to the gems used in Celtic jewelry, the meaning goes even deeper.

With some stones tracing their roots back to ancient times and others incorporated through the centuries, Celtic gems offer a profound spectrum of meaning. Let’s take a look at the most common gems used in Celtic design and their unique meanings and symbolism.

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Ancient civilizations believed that amethyst was the stone of spirituality. Its use helped bring about spiritual awareness and strength. It was also believed to aid in creating feelings of deep peacefulness, renewal, and strength. Celtic folklore, in particular, associated the amethyst with protection and wisdom. The Celts also believed this gemstone helped ward off intoxication and created a shield against evil energies and spirits.

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Believed to be imbued with magical properties, citrine is known as the stone of abundance, good fortune, and prosperity. This gemstone is believed to strengthen the inner light and reveal the creative juices and imagination of the wearer, making it the ideal gift for all kinds of artists and creators. Its spirit sparkles with joy and optimism, providing a feeling of calmness and positivity even when faced with adverse situations. It is also believed that this gemstone dispels negative thoughts and exchanges them for feelings of joy.

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These gemstones have been coveted, admired, and cherished for centuries due to their incomparable green color. They are believed to represent fertility and love, which makes them a perfect pairing for Celtic creations often inspired by nature and the cycle of existence. Due to the intensity of their green coloring, these jewels have occupied a favorite spot in Celtic folklore where it is believed to be an integral part of renewal, harmony, and growth. The radiant green coloring of this stone makes it ideal for countless Celtic accessories that can be enjoyed year-round.

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Ancient Celts called garnets the “Stone of Contentment.” They were convinced that those who wore this gemstone would be shielded from darkness and harm. Celtic and Saxon kings favored these beautiful red gemstones in jewelry for their protective properties. Today, garnet jewelry is still believed to bring those who wear it love and passion. Celtic garnet accessories will give a boost to your positivity, creativity, and confidence. When combined with other Celtic symbols, the power of the garnet will add more to your style while serving as a special reminder of your heritage.

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Throughout history, travelers have carried moonstones to protect them on journeys, especially if traveling at night or over water. Moonstone is a gemstone of love and fertility in many cultures, and some people believe that this gemstone helps fight insomnia, enhances creativity and intuition, and promotes emotional balance.

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Opal is a gemstone with emotional and mystical properties that is believed to reflect the mood of its wearer and intensify their emotions. It’s also believed to stimulate creativity and originality, soothing and clearing emotions throughout the body and boosting the will to live and the joys of existence. It can also produce spiritual growth and emotional healing while reawakening a sense of purpose in life. Its beautiful, translucent colors make it an ideal addition to a wide variety of Celtic designs.

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Turquoise might be amongst the oldest stones in history and was known as the talisman of kings, warriors, and shamans. Although opaque and strong, these gemstones are soothing to the touch, as if carved from the heavens and brought down to earth. Its delicate veining makes it an ideal addition to bracelets, rings, brooches, and necklaces. Through the years, this gemstone was widely thought to have the power to protect its users against falls of any kind and help with depression, panic attacks, and exhaustion. It’s a stone that can create calmness and promote wisdom and understanding.

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Labradorite or spectrolite as this stunning stone is also known, is a semi-precious plagioclase stone with a Feldspar substance that frequently exposes a variety of colors whenever light touches it. The flashing colors of this unusual stone are called “labradorescence” or “adularescence”. Its unmatched display of colors makes it attractive to those who love jewelry filled with originality, light, and color. Legend claims that this stone is the origin of the Aurora Borealis which arose from it when a knight struck it with a spear.

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Blue Topaz

The color blue has always been associated with calmness and serenity. Large swaths of blue like the ocean or the sky provide a sense of mental peace. That same sense of tranquility emanates from blue topaz, a rare aluminum silicate mineral. As far back as the 16th century, blue topaz was used in wedding rings in the belief that the calming hue of this stone was ideal for channeling inner wisdom. The unique shade of blue in blue topaz has inspired artisans and aristocrats through the centuries and the Egyptians believed that the blue topaz gave strength to the Sun God Ra.

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As the national gem of Egypt, peridot was known as the “gem of the sun”. This might be because the hues in this stone veer towards the color gold. As far as its history, peridot has been referred to in ancient papyri and has been mined for over 3,500 years. In antiquity, the main source of this rare stone was Topazo island in the Egyptian Red Sea and peridots were carved as talismans for the Pharaoh’s treasury. In the Middle Ages, Europeans brought peridot stones to decorate church plates and robes. Legend has it that peridot was used as a protector since it was believed it could dispel the terrors of the night and bad dreams.

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