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With so many Celtic symbols to choose from, you will have a hard time picking just one necklace from our collection.

The Irish Shamrock

Let’s start with the traditional Irish shamrock. With its origin in the vibrant green plant, it is believed that Saint James used the leaves of the shamrock to explain to his congregants how the Christian Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit could be both one and three at the same time.

Incorporating this magnificent Irish symbol into a necklace gives us beautiful results. Browse our extensive necklace collection to find the perfect necklace for that special occasion.

The Tree of Life

Celts saw the Tree of Life as a symbol with many different meanings. No matter which meaning resonates with you, the Tree of Life is always associated with something sacred. Ancient Celts had a Brehon Lay legal system they used for ranking trees. The Tree of Life is a stylized representation of the tree branches that are curving with all their might in an attempt to meet each other while the root holds them steady and offers support.

Among the many meanings associated with the Tree of Life, one holds that the tree means constant renewal. Another refers to it as a symbol of the different stages of life in which the new leaves represent youth, the branches stand for adulthood, and the root system stands for old age and the wisdom that accompanies it. In this sense, the Tree of Life is also a representation of the connection between different generations.

Look for the different varieties of the Tree of Life in our necklace collection to find the one that resonates with you.

The Trinity Knot

Nothing says Celtic jewelry more than the traditional Trinity Knot. This symbol combines both knotwork and the number three, which is important to Celtic tradition. In a religious context, the Trinity Knot symbolizes the Holy Trinity. But it also represents the infinite flow of time. The three elements that make up the Trinity Knot represent an unbroken line between the past, the present, and the future. 

For the Celts, knots are a representation of eternity because they have no beginning and no end. You’ll find many Trinity Knot options in our necklace collections. Match them with a ring that represents the commitment of one part of the couple to the other.


One of the most romantic symbols of Celtic history is the Claddagh. As the story goes, a designer named Richard Joyce was captured one afternoon while fishing at sea and forced into servitude with a goldsmith in the neighboring town of Aerial. While there, he fell in love with jewelry design. 

Inspired by his love for a beautiful maiden in his native village, he created a special ring. Once he gained his freedom, he presented this ring to his beloved. The design became a symbol of love, and many couples look for similar pieces.

The Claddagh symbol has survived to this day and, while it shows beautifully in a ring, at Celtic Crystal Design we have made our own interpretation of the Claddagh by incorporating its design into our necklaces. You will recognize it easily because of its well-known hands that symbolize friendship, loyalty, and love.

The Celtic Cross

Celtic crosses have dotted the Irish landscape for centuries. Their main feature is the circle on the intersecting lines of the cross. Many different meanings have been attributed to the circle, but it is best known as the solar wheel. 

The Celts were known for celebrating and carefully tracking the sun’s movements. But when the circle is placed on the cross, it can also symbolize eternity. Look for our beautiful necklaces with the Celtic cross, and wear one to celebrate your love or to pay homage to the warm presence of the sun.

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