About Celtic Crystal Jewelry

Celtic jewelry is unlike any other jewelry. At Celtic Crystal Design, we are proud to follow the ancient traditions of the Celts, whose first jewelry pieces date as far back as 2000 BC. Back then, Celtic craftsmen began experimenting with gold and silver to create wearable art. The symbols they created have had an impact through the centuries.

Time has given us the tools to create timeless pieces inspired by those original designs. Our collection of Celtic jewelry pays homage to the vast array of symbols and history with modern design, creating unique pieces made from precious metals and the finest gemstones. The incorporation of these historical designs and symbols has made Celtic jewelry popular.

When you browse our catalog, you will see the beauty and originality of Celtic Crystal Design’s rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and more. Whether you are looking for an original detail to celebrate a special occasion or simply because you love the way these pieces look, we are sure you will find the perfect jewelry within our collection.

Let’s Learn About the Celts

To understand the creative spirit of the Celts, it is important to travel back in time to Ireland’s earliest stone carvings. Before man could transform precious metals into beautiful jewelry designs, they carved stone into sculptures that have stood the test of time. 

Even today, it is not uncommon to come across Celtic crosses and other designs that include concentric circles and swirls on rocks and walls. These were incorporated into the Celtic knotwork with a primary focus on nature and elements such as trees and shamrocks.

It was not until the Bronze Age that people discovered how to develop special tools to shape metals such as bronze, silver, and gold. Afterward, there was no shortage in the number of jewelry pieces created. Their focus now turned to decorative engraved patterns with amazing details. They understood they could add beauty and creativity to their everyday lives.

At Celtic Crystal Design, we have made it our mission to study ancient Irish and Celtic jewelry and its symbols to incorporate them into our line as accurately as possible. We value the historical significance of Celtic traditions and are proud to offer you a full line of jewelry pieces inspired by the culture. Take the time to explore our catalog to see the details and quality of each piece.

Celtic Crystal Design: Simplicity That Makes a Statement

At Celtic Crystal Design, we understand that people want to celebrate ancient Celtic traditions. We know you are looking for meaningful symbols of Celtic history incorporated into something unique and original. When you are looking for something that represents the importance of family, faith, and love, turn to Celtic jewelry.

For us, jewelry is not just a simple piece of metal. These are pieces that bring deeper meaning to your life. All those beautiful symbols you have come to love have special motifs that go beyond their shapes. Some speak of love and eternal devotion. Others reflect eternity and that time has no beginning and no end. 

As you browse through our collection, you will find those hidden meanings in our carefully crafted pieces. We know that you are not just looking for an ordinary gift for yourself or for someone you care about. You are looking for that special Celtic Crystal Design.