About Us

Your ancestry tells a powerful story, one that will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. Pursuing relics of this storied history will ensure it will never be forgotten. Whether you are looking for Celtic jewelry or treasures that represent your Irish heritage, you’ll find them all right here at Celtic Crystal Design.

The Story Behind Celtic Crystal Design

It all began with a trip to Ireland. It was our first family adventure to this country and our journeys all over the Emerald Isle had us falling head over heels with the wild countryside. The open friendliness of the country folks were an absolute breath of fresh air. Our visit to Newgrange was what provided the most inspiration for us all.

Built by a farming community, Newgrange was once only considered a passage tomb. Now it is regarded as more of an ancient temple, a place that unites astrology, religion, spirituality, and ceremony all in one. It was incredible to wander through this ancient site, a place that predated Christianity.

One of the most impressive things about it was the ancient carvings or spirals and swirls. We were absolutely mesmerized by these symbols from thousands of years ago. These were symbols that connected us to our own ancestors and were simple yet stunning. With these representations that connected nature, spirit, and the everlasting cycle of life, we chose a Celtic triple spiral. It was merely the start of curating a collection of beautiful, unique, Celtic inspired jewelry to help others connect to our shared heritage.

After this life-changing trip, we founded Celtic Crystal Design in 2018 with the sole purpose of bringing our cherished cultural heritage to others. Our family-owned business is one with Irish and Scottish roots. Though born in America, we know others with Celtic family history want to embrace their American freedoms while retaining the history and beauty of Celtic symbols and designs. Our family matriarch, Jennifer, is the one who seeks out the most unique pieces of quality Celtic jewelry, curating a stunning collection that embodies Scottish, Irish, and Celtic culture.

At Celtic Crystal Design, we take great pride in presenting the largest curated collection of Celtic jewelry currently available. Everything is made with the highest quality of precious metals and quality gemstones, yet we offer competitive prices to allow more people the chance to capture meaningful Celtic symbols.

Our goal is to make you feel like family every time you shop with us. Our own family handles customer service, so you’ll always have a real person rather than an automated system to assist you with your needs. Jewelry is personal, whether it’s for yourself or a gift to someone special. We believe adding that personal touch back into the process of buying Celtic treasures is something that should never be compromised. For this reason, you will always be assured of outstanding quality and service in everything we offer at Celtic Crystal Design. Let us help you find something perfect to symbolize your heritage.