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Give a traditional gift with the meaning of your culture tethered to it for a memorable occasion. Luckenbooth jewelry is steeped in tradition, a perfect and loving gift idea as a commemorative jewelry piece.

With Celtic-inspired jewelry, you can proudly display your heritage or find a unique gift with a deep meaning. Deep in the roots of Celtic heritage, the Celts were big on making jewelry. They wore it proudly to ward off enemies and forces of evil – and today, it still possesses the same charm.

If you’re looking for something beautiful and distinctive to give to someone you love, consider Luckenbooth jewelry. The rich history behind it is almost as beautiful as the design itself!

About Luckenbooth Jewelry

The Luckenbooth is one of the oldest and most traditional Scottish designs. Typically associated with Edinburgh, it was most often made from silver and set with gemstones such as heathergems. The design can feature one or two hearts that are intertwined, commonly along with a crown motif.

The earliest known designs of Luckenbooth jewelry date back to the year 1503. These stunning pieces were sold by trinket merchants who would peddle their wares just outside the St. Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile. When the new stalls were built in the 16th century, they took on the name of “luckenbuiths” or “locking booths” where the merchants would trade. Eventually, these popular designs, which were once only seen in brooches, adopted the name “Luckenbooth.”

This trinket was meant to show love, a symbolic gesture that was handed down from mothers to daughters in Scottish family tradition. It was also given from one partner to another like an engagement ring. In some cases, these Luckenbooth brooches were presented to newborn babies to protect them from harm. Some even say that Lord Darnley gave Mary Queen of Scots a Luckenbooth.

Now the Luckenbooth symbol has been formed into other gorgeous jewelry pieces beyond the brooch, something you can give to any man or woman that is dear to your heart.

Luckenbooth Necklaces

One of the most beautiful ways you’ll see a Luckenbooth is in the form of a necklace. With a pendant that features interlocking hearts with a crown, you can keep this token of love right next to your heart. Some will feature heathergems, moonstones, garnets, and other gems while others are purely polished sterling silver, a simple yet stunning way to accentuate the neckline.

Luckenbooth Rings

Show your intent of true love with a Luckenbooth ring. Just as the Claddagh is one of the symbols of love, so too is the Luckenbooth. When you want to let her know your love is forever, this is the ring to choose while honoring your Celtic roots.

Luckenbooth Earrings

What do you get the woman who already has a Luckenbooth necklace and ring? A pair of Luckenbooth earrings to match is a brilliant idea. Earrings are the ultimate accessory to pull an ensemble together, especially when wearing a high neckline that would otherwise detract from a necklace.

Luckenbooth Pins and Brooches

Luckenbooth brooches are the original format for this old Scottish symbol of love. They make for an excellent detail for a sweater, scarf, or coat. Luckenbooth pins can be used to hold a kilt or jacket for men, too. These heirloom pieces will surely be well-received for a very thoughtful gift that comes from your heart.

Luckenbooth Cuff Links

When it comes to marriage, a gift for your groom or as an anniversary present years down the line should be sentimental. Give him Luckenbooth cuff links to show his pride in Celtic culture while letting him know your love is true.

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Luckenbooth jewelry allows you to show your love in a way that will endure for eternity. With these intricate Luckenbooth designs, you’ll be sure to find the right gift for the one who has your heart. Our collection provides the best Celtic gift ideas for giving a sentimental piece they’ll treasure for any special occasion.