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The Celtic Cross is a true representation of Celtic jewelry. With a history as long as the ancient Celts, Celtic Irish crosses are believed to have first appeared in the early Middle Ages but remain relevant to this day. Its traditional shape contains a cross that is adorned with a circle around its middle section. Jewelers have designed the Celtic Cross from a variety of metals, and they have ornamented its four arms with different Irish symbols, such as the Celtic knot and others.

Meaning of the Celtic Cross

There are many interpretations of the Celtic Cross, but it is mainly associated with strength and compassion, as well as with a representation of the ups and downs that life brings. The arms of these Celtic Irish crosses are supposed to represent the four elements of nature: fire, earth, water, and air, but they can also represent the heart, body, soul, and mind.

A circle at the Celtic Cross’s center symbolizes infinite love — love that has no beginning and no end but lasts eternally. It is also a depiction of the halo of Christ who blesses its wearer with endless love. Through the years, craftsmen of many generations have dedicated themselves to perfecting this symbol to reflect the ambitions and hopes of the Celts in this iconic piece of Celtic jewelry.


Are there other representations of the Celtic Cross?

There are interpretations of the different parts of the cross. There are those who believe that the horizontal section of the cross represents the earth while the vertical one stands for heaven. This means that the joining of these two axes is like the junction between heaven and earth. Others simply take the four arms to represent east, west, north, and south.

When was the Celtic Cross first used to represent the victory of Christ?

The Romans were in the habit of carrying Celtic Crosses into battle to commemorate their victories. It was not until the 4th century A.D., however, when the Cult of the Cross was introduced by Constantine, the first Christian Roman emperor, that its meaning was altered to represent Christ’s victory.

Has St. Patrick been associated with Celtic Cross jewelry?

Irish folklore holds that Saint Patrick is credited with the introduction of the Celtic Cross to the Celts who used to worship the sun. Saint Patrick used the central ring of the Celtic Cross to represent the sun, thus associating a pagan belief with the central symbol of Christianity. Some historians hold that his aim was to educate and convert the pagan Irish to Christianity, but others believe that he was actually letting people know that Christ represented a much more powerful force than the sun god.

Why wear a Celtic Cross necklace?

It is believed that a Celtic Cross necklace serves to commemorate the memory of a loved one or the wearer’s deep commitment to the Christian faith. The symbol is very gender-neutral while also deeply spiritual. This explains the popularity of Celtic Cross necklaces and pendants.